Chef Damon

Green has been a dream of vegan chef/restaurateur Damon Brasch for over ten years. Green is a 100%vegan-vegetarian restaurant that masters all favorite comfort foods and celebrates vegetables. Chef Damon Brasch has created a menu that is sure to please any palate. The fare is NEW AMERICAN VEGETARIAN, created and influenced from many different cultures and cooking styles. Striving for perfection, Chef Brasch uses the freshest top shelf ingredients and chooses organic whenever possible. His sweet treats are made with unrefined, unbleached organic ingredients. Green's "famous" VEGAN soft serve ice cream is prepared daily in his kitchen, so he can be sure it's always perfect. The house made veggie burger is hand packed, cooked to order and served on a freshly toasted bun. Green is a restaurant for everyone, not just vegetarians. Chef Damon hopes to open the hearts and minds of meat eaters everywhere. Green is simple. Green is fresh. Green is good. Green is here. Welcome to Green.

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