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Welcome to the Green & Nami Team


you will receive an email from your manager with your training schedule.

make sure to complete your new hire paperwork from stacey as soon as possible.

please read the manifeasto in it's intirity 

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Welcome to green and it’s little sister nami

Let’s start with the question: What makes a great restaurant experience?  The food?  The people?  The building?  The music?  The art?  All of these things contribute to a great restaurant.  Green restaurant is an experience.  Much more than simply eating out, it is an event.  Our staff is casual, informative, and friendly.  Our vegan dishes are fresh and presented beautifully.  The drinks and desserts are one of a kind, inventively prepared.  The design, color scheme, and great music in the restaurant help to create the environment.  Most importantly, our friendly and energetic staff help us deliver the experience our customers come back for repeatedly.

During your training you can expect to learn what sets green restaurant apart from other restaurants.  Although green is not a corporate atmosphere, we do have “rules” to follow.  We encourage a fun work environment, but we are serious about the importance of training.  We’re even more serious about how you carry forth that experience with our customers and your co-workers.


Here are what some of your peers have to say about their own green experience:

“Green is more than a restaurant--- or even an experience.  It’s greater even than the collection of experiences of all who enter its doors.  Green is a movement.  It is about planetary change at the grassroots level, and it has accomplished amazing things in its few short years of existence.”

“Green invites non-vegans to sample significant culinary change in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment in which delicious menu items speak for themselves.  The food does the convincing—and the great customer service keeps ‘em coming back for more!”

“I LoOvE working at Green because the people are so phenomenal.  It's super rare you get to work with a staff who are all conscious and aligned with similar morals.  I think veganism draws in a certain type of person who naturally has the forethought to be aware of others and strive for a greater good.  There is no undercutting each other or passive aggressive communication, it's truly a team.  Additionally, everyone brings their own personality.  Which is super, super refreshing.  We're like a cute lil’ salad of people.”

“Nami is our statement to the world of confection.  Green has been serving delicious sweetness from its inception.  Nami takes the tradition to an entirely new and unprecedented level!”



Welcome to the “green” experience!

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: When you complete your training, you will have acquired lots of great information.  The most important things you’ll take with you directly support the “green state of mind.”  Please note that while we refer to the “green experience” it is not an experience exclusive to working at green.  We ask all of our employees, to embrace and exemplify the “green experience” wherever their place of employment, so please keep this in mind regardless of your green or nami work location.  The “green” state of mind should be wherever you are.


THE “GREEN” STATE OF MIND: What makes up the “green state of mind?”  Green is more than just great food and drinks; it’s about service with the right attitude.  The green attitude is a combination of great people, positive energy, and the desire to educate in a fun and engaging way.  We ask that you be REAL.  No need to be pretentious.  Treat people the way you like to be treated.  Take ownership of the guests’ experiences.  We encourage individuality; we want you to be casual and to be yourselves while making decisions that reflect what green is.

Here at green, we encourage you to interact with the customer personally, not talk to them like a robot.  Some customers are going to be up for more fun than others.  At green we empower our employees to decipher the difference and treat the customer accordingly.  You were hired in large part due to your ability to be personable and communicate positively with our customers and your co-workers.  These skills are what help to make you successful.

In your training you will learn what you need to communicate to the customer about the concept, food, drinks, and desserts.  Of course, there are going to be things that you are required to do while working.  But keep in the forefront of your mind, that being in the “green state of mind” is what we’re all about.

This manual is designed to give you the tools to do just that.  How to “think green.”  Let’s get started!

Think Green Restaurant: To stay in the “green state of mind” you’ve got to “THINK GREEN” and inspire that thinking in our customers and in your co-workers.  To accomplish this, here’s what you should expect of yourself:

•Make every customer happy

•Be a green expert

•Be resourceful and use the many tools available to you

•Take ownership of the entire restaurant

•Work as a team and inspire greatness in your co-workers


Make every customer happy: You are an ambassador of the “green experience” for each of your customers.  Make the most of their experience.  We encourage you to have fun with your customers.  You are their host and are empowered to do everything you can to make sure they have fun, tell all their friends, and keep coming back.  How do you make every customer happy?

Here are a couple keys:

•Know that EACH customer is different and so is serving them.

•Be aware of EACH customer’s perception of you and the restaurant.

•Communicate with your customer so they know what to expect.  This keeps complaints to a minimum.

Our customer base is diverse, encompassing all aspects of the culinary circle.  In the course of a day you will meet vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, raw foodists and those who are transitioning from any of the aforementioned categories to another.  Within those categories lies the full spectrum of personalities.  Some will be smiling and kind, while others rushed or abrupt.  YOUR smile can go a long way toward making sure the “green experience” extends to all with whom you come in contact.

You will also learn that people come to green for a variety of reasons.  Some seek healthful alternatives, others wish to honor animals, and others come on the recommendation of friends.  Whatever their history, rationale, or mood every single one of them is welcome.  They pay our salaries, and we want to ensure that their experience meets and exceeds all of their expectations.  YOU have the power to do that each and every day with each and every customer.

What creates great customer service?  Treating that customer as though his or her visit to green is the most important thing that will occur in your busy day.  What are some of the ways to accomplish that?  First and foremost greet them with a smile and make eye contact.  As you take their order, repeat back what they’re ordering so that they can see you’re ensuring accuracy.  Let them know when they can expect their food, especially if you anticipate a delay.  When you deliver their food, name the item as you place it in front of them gently so as not to startle them or cause food to spill from the plate.  When you leave the table, ask if they need anything else.  Remember customer service goes beyond counter service.  Refill waters, check if they need extra sauce, ask how everything is.

Other ideas include seeking out new customers.  You begin to recognize “regulars” who should always be warmly greeted but keep an eye out for new customers to engage in conversation.  “What brings you to green?” is a good start.  Some will be local and others passing through, either way, your job is to do your very best to ensure that regardless of what brought them to us, they’ll be back!

Know your green: While we strive for consistency at all our establishments, each green location is unique.  Get to know your green location!

Know the “green” brand: What is the “green” brand you ask?  The green brand is who we are, what we do, the look and feel of our restaurants and everything that is unique to green.  Our brand image is the message we send out to the customer about what they can expect from us and what their experience will be like in our restaurants.  We want that message to be a consistent level of excellence.

The green brand is about fun, unpretentious, eco-friendly, yet fashionable dining.  Green is fresh and relevant; we encourage people to have a good time.  Remember green is a “crossover” restaurant, which means we are introducing new and sometimes foreign things to people.  It is imperative that we make a good impression and know the facts about our brand and our cuisine. 


Green was founded in Tempe, Arizona in 2006 by Chef Damon Brasch.  The following is a recent bio about Damon and a bit of the story of green.

Chef Damon Brasch and Green New American Vegetarian restaurant:

Since its birth on March 1, 2006 – Green New American Vegetarian restaurant has held consistent residence at the forefront of the Valley’s top choices for an eco-friendly dining experience, turning even the most seasoned heads in the culinary world on their respective ears.

Green sports an edgy, recycled décor, but don’t be fooled by the scenery, the menu is laden with masterfully prepared comfort foods that celebrate vegetables in stunning ways.  While its food may not contain meat or dairy, green is a restaurant for all who desire to support their health, our planet and all of its animals, while they dine on great food.

Chef Damon Brasch, creator and head chef of green, has conjured a menu that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.  The fare is new and American vegetarian, created and influenced from many different cultures and cooking styles.  Striving for perfection, Chef Damon uses only the freshest, high-quality ingredients in his green cuisine.  His sweet treats are made with unrefined, unbleached organic ingredients.  Green’s soon-to-be-famous-vegan “tSoft tServe” ice cream is prepared daily in his kitchen, so he can be sure it’s always palate perfect.  The house-made veggie burger is hand-packed and cooked to order and produce is sourced locally whenever possible.

Green is a restaurant for everyone, not just vegetarians and vegans.  Chef Damon hopes to open the hearts and minds of people everywhere.  In high demand as a consultant, Chef Damon is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record and an unquenchable passion to introduce people to the experience of compassionate cuisine.  That passion was rewarded in a big way when Chef Damon received the 2009 Phoenix Business Journal’s Green Pioneer award, about which he is very reflective and grateful that the green community is beginning to recognize the contribution that an eco-friendly diet makes to our environment.  Other successes include a highly acclaimed annual holiday celebration: green‘s annual vegan ThanksLiving celebration each Thanksgiving Day, attended by hundreds of hungry celebrants in search of kindred community.

August 2009 brought with it yet another just honor –people for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) named green New American Vegetarian as the restaurant with the number 1 mock chicken sandwich in North America!!!  Green actually beat out nine other restaurants for top honors, many of which are vegan landmarks that have long served as personal inspiration to Chef Damon.  PETA spokesperson Nicole Matthews said, “green New American Vegetarian is a great example of the growing number of restaurants that are meeting at America’s hunger for healthy and humane cuisine.”  However, the honor came as no surprise whatsoever to the green faithful, who not too long ago watched the menu fan fave–buffalo wings– catapult its way onto Phoenix magazine’s valley’s 50 best dishes list, alongside a multitude of meaty counterparts!


BE A TOUR GUIDE OF OUR MENU FOR EVERY CUSTOMER:  Our approach to being a menu expert is to be a “guide.”  Think of it this way: as each customer “visits” our menu, they are looking for something different.  Your job is to “guide” them through the various “attractions” we have to offer, until you get a feel for what they like and why they are here.  We do this by asking the customer questions about their preferences: if they have been to green in the past, whatever likes/dislikes, etc.  Once you have more information, you can give them more qualified suggestions and guidance of the best menu selections that will ensure a great dining experience.  The more you know as a green expert, the better guide you will be.

Promote our inventive specialty items: Green offers many specialty items that are simply fantastic.  However, some of our best customers may have never tried them.  Pay attention to this as you become a green expert.  We want our customers to crave a regular dose of our green specialties but also be aware of the variety we offer.

Place value on quality and presentation:  One of the things that sets green apart from being just another vegan restaurant is that green serves everything with a beautiful, creative flair and innovative style.  At green, we offer vegan creations that take our customers' taste buds to new levels, not just because of the high quality, but also because of how great they look.  We serve inventive drinks and desserts presented in ways that no other restaurant does.

At green, presentation is as important as the recipe.  If an item is not right, please do not send it out.  We need your commitment that nothing less than the best is delivered to our customers, always.


Be safe in all circumstances: Knowing how to keep our customers safe is among the most important things required of a green expert.  Here are some basic tips to keep yourself and our customers safe:

°Keep your hands and nails clean

°Clean up as you go

°Flag spills when they happen on tile or slick surfaces

°Use knives and all utensils appropriately and safely

°Don’t serve food that’s been sitting out too long

°Wear a clean uniform/clothing

°Don’t attempt to administer any medical treatment for which you have not been trained

°Know who is certified in CPR in case of a heart attack or breathing incidents, and who knows the Heimlich maneuver in the event of a choking incident

°Use ladders when reaching for things

°Bend your knees when lifting heavy things

°Don’t operate machinery unless you were trained to use it

°Wear appropriate non-skid, closed-toe shoes

°Know the location of all the fire exits, if there is a need to evacuate the restaurant, calmly advise customers and staff to proceed swiftly to the fire exits

°Know the location of all fire extinguishers and our fire safety protocols

°Be resourceful: while you will be well trained and have many tools to help you do a stellar job, there are going to be occasions where you are stumped.  When faced with a situation about which you have no clue how to proceed, be resourceful!

Here are a few ideas:

1.Contact your manager and ask for help. There is nothing wrong with seeking guidance rather than making decisions in a vacuum.  Your manager is a great resource.

2.Check out your peers!  Your co-workers can be an incredible support system.  Many of them have “been there and done that” and can probably save you time and worry.  Talk to your co-workers and ask for their support.

3.Reference your training materials to see if you can find the information you seek.  It may just be in there!


TAKE OWNERSHIP: Just in case you are wondering who green belongs to, the answer is that we ALL have a stake in that success.  If each employee of green, top to bottom and front to back, acts as an owner in terms of decision making, teamwork, and service, our possibilities are endless.


1.Going the extra mile by doing things that are not necessarily “your” job.  Helping wherever help is needed.

2.Treating every customer with respect even the challenging ones!  It is from those interactions where you will sharpen lifelong interpersonal skills!

3.Don’t wait for “someone else to do it” be proactive!

4.Actively look for things that need fixing.  Do tables need a wipe?  Trash on the floor?  Toilet paper low?  Whatever it is, wherever it is, you own it!


TEAMWORK: Teamwork not only creates a well-oiled machine for an organization, but it is also a real opportunity for individuals to inspire greatness in each other. This allows all of us to respect each other’s differences and even celebrate them.  Some are introverts, some are extroverts, some are confident and assertive, while others are shy and reserved.  But it is precisely these differences that create the diversity of a great, balanced team.  So, celebrate those differences and build a strong foundation for your and green's future!


1.Treating your co-workers with respect always.  This means looking beyond any personality conflicts (after all, we’re all a little different)!

2.Avoiding gossip and water-cooler chitchat.  In every way, shape, and form this is counterproductive and completely incongruent with green’s message.

3.If you see that a coworker is swamped, ask if they need help, then step in to help if you are able.  They’ll probably return in kind when you’re in the same boat!

4.Find reasons to laugh and share successes it’s what creates a great team!

Remember every team is only as good as its weakest link.  It helps each member of the team and the team as a whole when we collectively strive for excellence!


LET’S TALK VEGAN:  Here at Green we have a variety of customers.  Some of our customers are new and others visit us on a regular basis.  Some of our customers are vegan, some are vegetarian, and some eat meat.  Our job is to ensure that each customer receives the type of service they need.  One of the first areas in which you will need to become an expert is in understanding what it means to be vegan.

Vegan food is free of any animal products or animal byproducts.  That means all meats, dairy, and any byproducts like animal fats or honey, are not used in our restaurant.  If ever in the course of business, we find a vendor has changed any ingredient in a product that we use, that makes it no longer vegan, we will immediately pull that item from our menu.

We take this philosophy very seriously, which is why we don’t allow any outside food in our restaurants, and we also don’t allow any employee to bring outside items, vegan or non-vegan.  Bringing in food from the outside is also a potential health department issue as food may be forgotten and spoil.

As much as we take seriously that green restaurant is one hundred percent vegan, we also never want to come across in a superior or condescending manner.  A very large percentage of our job is to educate as well as to offer great food.  To an omnivore, nothing is more insulting than feeling like you’re not part of the “special club” that the vegan attitude sometimes exudes.  This is the foundation of green restaurant.  We are a “crossover restaurant,” which means we are trying to appeal to a mass audience: vegans, vegetarians, but mostly omnivores.  Why mostly omnivores?  Simply put, they’re the largest demographic.  We need their support and patronage in order to survive, but more importantly, we believe it’s how you inspire real social change.  Education and change that actually tastes good!

Chef Damon has put together an excellent menu offering a wide variety of flavors and influences from the “New American” style of cuisine.  “New American” means that we borrow influences from all kinds of diverse foods served in the United States.  From Latin to Indian to Asian, or the good old US of A, the most important thing to remember is: 

You don’t have to be vegan, to love green.

Some of our best customers are omnivores who don't have an interest in animal advocacy or share in any vegetarian/vegan philosophy.  They just like the food.  And that's what makes us great: the fact that the average Joe can come into green and have a great meal, enjoy every aspect of the experience, and walk out the door not even realizing that he or she helped save an animal’s life.

Organic food

Everyone is saying it these days, but we’ve been this way from the very beginning.  It always makes sense to source organic, locally grown food.  Chef Damon has been preaching this for over 20 years; it’s a joy that the rest of the world is now preaching it as well.  One of our main suppliers is UNFI, the largest wholesaler of organic food in the west.  We strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible, including local produce and other items.  Please share the organic aspects of our menu as often as possible.

Raw food

Green is a vegan restaurant, but we’re not raw, and we don’t want to be raw.  Raw food definitely has its merits, and we certainly try to offer a few raw items on our menu, but again, we are trying to reach a larger demographic.  As you try to educate our customers about the deliciousness of vegan food, try to remember to be patient with those clients seeking a healthier alternative.  We will go over what menu items are raw in our menu descriptions.  Just as most people transition from vegetarianism to veganism, becoming a raw foodist is typically a process; people are generally not born that way.  While our raw food items are in the minority on our menu, we always want to be sensitive to the journey of those seeking raw food options.


By definition, gluten-free is described as follows:  A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes foods containing gluten.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye, malt, and triticale. It is used as a food additive in the form of a flavoring, stabilizer, or thickening agent.

Green is pleased to offer several items made with ingredients that do not contain gluten that are noted on the menu with the “TAG” (trace amounts of gluten) icon.  Other allergen icons are “SF” for soy free and “N” for items containing nuts.

Allergy notice:  All menu items prepared in our kitchens are plant based.  Wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds are present.  Though we do our best to keep items separated we cannot guarantee the prevention of cross contact of any ingredient present in our restaurants including but not limited to wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds.  Therefore, we do not assume responsibility for a particular sensitivity or allergy to any food product provided by green or nami restaurants.  If you have a hypersensitivity to any of the above allergens, you may want to reconsider dining with us.


A few general tips of the trade

Now that you’ve mastered the “green experience” and are a “green expert” of the highest degree, we’d like to offer a few tips of the trade that are great tools to use in your customer interactions.  Please read and re-read this section so that these tips become second nature to you:

•Everyone has different taste buds and diet.  Avoid negative wording, but feel free to give your honest, personal opinions.  If a customer asks you if a particular item is worthwhile or any good, and you don’t have a favorable opinion of that item, say something like: “You know, we sure sell a lot of those, but I really prefer…”

•Be very conscious of describing our food as “junk food.” Instead say, “comfort food.”

•Remember your job is to guide every customer through our menu and help them find the best choices for themselves, while offering them the best customer service that green has to offer.

•Remember that some folks are coming in for the first time and have never tasted or heard of “mock” or “faux” meats or cheeses.  They may already be suspicious or skeptical that vegan food can taste good.  Keep smiling and make eye contact.  Your attentiveness and excellence in customer service are what makes Green what it is.  Please see and feel the power in that equation because it is your relationship with our customers that keeps them coming back and continues to allow green the privilege of sharing its message with the world.



Next, let’s take a look at our menu!


Green New American Vegetarian Menu


Bites are a great way to get things going for a great green culinary experience.  At some point during the order taking process, a starter should be mentioned or offered.

The following are green’s bites/appetizers:

SPINACH FUNDIDO DIP (TAG) A classic spinach and artichoke dip served with tortilla chips and our spicy namibertos salsa on the side.  We use organic spinach, a variety of spices, vegan cream cheese and white wine.

SPICY BUFFALO “WINGS” (TAG) This is a house favorite.  Feel free to mention to new customers that our wings were voted one of the top 50 best dishes in Arizona by Phoenix magazine.  They are made with a blend of soy protein and shredded mushrooms.  Our buffalo sauce is a spicy, tangy, white wine and red chili hot sauce.  It has loads of garlic, and some teeny tiny bits of green onion sautéed down so you can’t even tell they’re there.  We serve them with a side of our vegan ranch dressing and some crunchy veggies, usually celery and carrots.  Our “dilly” ranch house dressing is made with a blend of traditional herbs and spices.  This is a must try for the green first timer, a great suggestion.

GREEN HUMMUS (GF UPON REQUEST) Our delicious green hummus is made in house using organic garbanzo beans and is unique because of the roasted poblano chilies we incorporate.  Poblano peppers are generally quite mild, so the dish is not spicy, but has a nice smoky flavor.  We serve these with crispy fried flour tortilla chips but substitute unfried flour tortilla, raw vegetables, or corn chips.

VEGAN CHILI FRIES (TAG) Our thyme fries are served as a bed for our vegan chili.  Please remember to ask if the customer would like to add cheese!  We will explain the chili in more detail when we get to the sides.

WEST COAST FRIES (TAG) Our regular order of fries with grilled onions, melted cheddar (daiya) and house made thousand island dressing (1k dressing).

EAST COAST FRIES (TAG) Our regular order of fries with grilled onions, melted cheddar (daiya), house made ranch, and our house made buffalo sauce.

CRAB PUFFS This is also a house favorite; our mock crabmeat is made with soy protein and spices.  Seaweed is what gives it a seafood taste.  It is not imitation crab; imitation crab is made from real fish.  The fishy taste is quite mild and blends nicely with the seasoned vegan cream cheese.  They are fried to a golden brown, they come with four to an order, along with a side of our tamari-based house sauce for dipping.

EGG-LESS-ROLLS A big favorite, especially for kids, stuffed with cabbage, carrots and rice noodles served with four to an order with a side of house sauce, which is a blend of garlic, ginger and tamari.



Now, at a vegan restaurant like ours, with so many other amazing things to choose from, customers may tend to opt out of the typical salad that they constantly eat when they dine out.  Chef Damon thought about this for a great while, which is why his salads are miles apart from the traditional fare.  The dressings are homemade, and the greens are a mix of the freshest available.  In all, the ingredients are totally unique.

We try to use organic greens whenever it is offered.  The organic spring mix lettuce is mixed with some organic kale and organic green cabbage.  This will make the salads heartier and filling.  Also, you can now get ANY salad wrapped in a fresh toasted flour tortilla as well.  These are the GARDEN BURRITO options, flour tortilla is an additional $1 and wrapped up tight to keep it all together.

When ordered as a salad the GREENS are gluten free automatically.

DAGOBAH JUNGLE Fried Brussels sprouts over fresh salad greens tossed with our Jamaican jungle dressing.  Our jerk spice is a blend of Caribbean style spices, such as cardamom, turmeric, spicy chilies, dried peppers, allspice, and garlic.

And the Jamaican jungle dressing uses those spices and more to create a tangy, delicious, and flavorful vinaigrette.  The salad is also tossed with julienned carrots and crispy tortilla strips.  If someone wants the house tofu added?  No problem (it will cost $3 extra)!

PEANUT CHICKEN SALAD This salad is unique because of its two dressings working together in harmony to create a delicious “ZING” that pops in your mouth.  Our mock chicken is dressed with our miso vinaigrette while the salad itself, containing julienned carrots and crispy tortilla strips, is dressed with a peanut dressing. Then topped with crushed peanuts and sliced green onion.

THE FIGHTING ARTICHOKE The FA salad is a fantastic blend of fresh ingredients such as artichoke hearts, black kalamata olives, hearts of palm, cucumbers, tomatoes, and crispy tortilla strips, topped with fresh greens and our creamy lemon tahini dressing.  The dressing is a blend of tahini (sesame paste), olive oil and lemon juice with garlic and spices.  It is rich and tangy.  Blackened chicken is a common addition to this item as it closely resembles the famous Black Jack Pita that was on an older menu.

RANCHERO SALAD This dish highlights our “wings,” dressed in our espresso barbecue sauce with julienned carrots, crunchy corn tortilla strips, and our lettuce mix tossed with our homemade ranch dressing.  It’s common for a customer to request the wings to be dressed in the traditional spicy “wing” sauce rather than the barbecue.


Substitutions afford our customers to be creative in customizing their dining experience.  For example, one of our customers loves the “wings” with curry sauce.  Another prefers one of our specials, the chicken shwarma, with a ranch dressing.  If after your best recommendations, the customer insists on ordering an unorthodox combination, don’t argue or try to convince them otherwise just take the order with a smile!

Note: Also, feel free to mention to customers that they can always add an extra protein like tofu or mock chicken to enhance the salad to further dimensions of deliciousness.


The following is the breakdown on the mock meats we use:

°Mock chicken or chicken nugget: This is our soy based mock chicken, made with soy protein and soy flour, along with other spices.  This chicken is gluten-free.

°Mock beef: This beef is made with shredded mushroom stem, soy protein and other spices. This beef is gluten-free.  This is the protein we use for our wings.

°Crispy tofu: Organic Hodo Soy sprouted tofu fried golden brown.

°Fresh tofu: Our fresh tofu is organic lightly cooked in the sauce, or lightly blanched, and always the “firm” variety of tofu.

Our fresh tofu is organic, all of our mock meats are made with non-GMO ingredients.

°Breaded chicken cutlet: Our seitan chicken cutlet, or wheat gluten, is breaded in house with a vegan buttermilk and flour recipe similar to southern fried chicken.  This chicken is NOT GLUTEN FREE.

°Seitan steak: This mock beef is featured on our Chicago Cheesesteak and made of seitan, or wheat gluten.  It is NOT GLUTEN FREE.



Po-boys, sammies, and burgers are the BOMB!  Please always ask right away if they would like to add a side to come with.  Add thyme fries, tahini coleslaw, fresh fruit, fried brussels or just about anything else!

Now you ask: What the heck is a Po-boy?  Well, "po-boy" is a fancy word we use for sandwich, same thing for sammie.  The po-boy is served on a longer sandwich roll and a sammie is served on a round sesame seed bun.  The burgers are also served on a round sesame seed bun.  Both rolls are white, wheat bread.  If someone prefers something a bit healthier, we do offer an organic, sprouted, whole-grain, Ezekiel bread.  To sub anything for Ezekiel, simply hit that modifier during the order and the POS will add the appropriate charge ($1).  Like the rest of our menu, we are happy to modify and alter these items to meet the customer's needs.  If someone prefers the sauce on the side, no sauce, light sauce, etc. we are happy to oblige.

ORIGINAL “G” SPICY PO-BOY (GF OPTIONS UPON REQUEST) Of course, this sandwich is the most O.G. with its spicy buffalo mock chicken, fresh lettuce and tomato and vegan mayo, it’s a crowd favorite.

WENDY’S PICKLE This po-boy is based off a classic southern fried chicken sandwich with mayo, dill pickles, and hot sauce.  The combo of flavors of the crispy seitan chicken, the smoky hot sauce and the tart pickles is off the hook, the chicken is breaded in-house, and fried golden brown.  It’s simple and it’s perfection.  It comes on a toasted ciabatta roll.

CHICAGO CHEESESTEAK This is a thing!  You have heard of the Philly Cheesesteak, now try this one!  Our seitan steak with vegan mayo, melted Daiya cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and SPICY GIARDINIERA PEPPERS (a spicy Italian pepper mix with olive oil and spices).

THE BFF Crispy breaded and fried fancy mock chicken cutlet with fresh sautéed jalapeños, melty cheddar (we try to use spicy Chao brand cheese whenever available), avocado, iceberg lettuce and tomato on a toasty bun with our vegan ranch.  This is your new best friend!

SECRET BBQ CHICKEN SANDWICH (GF OPTIONS UPON REQUEST) The sandwich was actually a secret item, not found on the regular menu.  A savvy customer put this combination together and it just became a classic.  It consists of our sliced mock chicken, caramelized peppers and onions, and our famous espresso barbecue sauce.  This particular sandwich is a great one to offer to not only a new omnivore who is visiting green, but also the diehard vegan who is looking for something delicious and meaty.  NOTE: the sandwich was the recipient of PETA’s Best Faux Chicken Sandwich in North America in 2009, placing first in the field of 10.

BIG WAC (GF OPTIONS UPON REQUEST) Truly a house favorite, the Big Wac is a great suggestion for a first timer at green.  This simple veggie burger can and will change the way people see vegan food, nothing about this burger reads as “vegan.”  Its meaty, supple flavor packs a wallop!  It’s two house made veggie patties with an extra center bun, chopped iceberg lettuce, raw diced onions, dill pickles, melted cheddar cheese, and “special sauce” which is not unlike thousand Island dressing, creamy and tart.  Served on a toasted sesame seed bun, the Big Wac is a BIG DEAL!

CLASSIC BURGER (GF OPTIONS UPON REQUEST) Using our hand packed, house-made veggie burger topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and ketchup on a sesame seed bun.  This thing is a jumping off point and folks like to add all kind of stuff like tempeh bacon or cheese most commonly. (Note: tempeh is a fermented soybean product, in this application it is flavored to mimic the savory, smoky, notes of bacon.)



THYME FRIES (TAG) “When you’re having fun” Isn’t that what they say?  Thin cut and seasoned with our signature thyme and kosher salt combination.  Note: there are no large pieces of thyme on the fries; we take dried thyme and kosher salt and pulverize it into a powder. This ensures that each fry will have the proper seasoning. Everybody loves the thyme fries.

HOME MADE TAHINI COLESLAW (TAG) Our coleslaw consists of fresh cabbage of course, some julienned carrots, crushed peanuts (peanuts cannot be omitted), chopped scallions, fresh chopped cilantro, and our sweet, homemade tahini dressing.  It is light and delicious and a personal favorite of chef Damon.  Note: there is no mayo in this dish, and this is a great thing to mention to a customer when time permits.  Folks with peanut allergies should avoid this dish.

FRESH FRUIT (TAG) Our fresh fruit is ever changing as some fruits are not available during some seasons, in an effort to remain consistent we almost always have pineapple and strawberries, and whatever else is looking fresh and delicious at the time.  Also, we certainly see local and organic fruit pass through our kitchen on a regular basis.  If ensuring the fruit is organic is a concern for the customer, please ask a manager on duty for what ingredients are organic at any time.

FRIED BRUSSLES SPROUTS (TAG) Tasty little morsels these brussels are flash fried and tossed in thyme salt, they are bonkers delicious.

GRANDMA’S CHILI (TAG) Our vegan chili is unique because it’s “bean-less (bean FREE?).”  We typically find a vegan chili tends to always have mountains of beans in it.  Not everybody loves beans, so ours is based on Chef Damon’s grandmother’s chili and is made the exact same way she made it, but he substitutes textured vegetable protein instead of ground meat.  It is topped with shredded, fried corn tortilla strips and is a great alternative for soup on those chilly Arizona days.



KIDS BURGER (GF UPON REQUEST) Okay, yes it says, “kids burger,” but really, it’s for adults too.  Just plain Jane.  It comes with the burger patty, the bun, thyme fries and a side of ketchup.  We encourage you to offer all of the great ingredients that are available.  There are too many to list here, but check out the POS system when you have time and look at all the amazing combinations!

KIDSADILLA (quesadilla) Just like a regular quesadilla or cheese crisp, ours is with a fresh tortilla, melted Daiya cheddar cheese is inside, and we encourage you to offer additional toppings here as well.  Take a look at the POS when time permits to get familiar with all the great additions.  I like to offer our mock chicken, avocado, and bacon it’s always a hit!

CHICKEN NUGGS WITH RANCH OR BBQ (TAG) Our nuggets are soy chicken served over a bed of fries and they are gluten-free.  Five pieces come in an order with a side of barbecue sauce or ranch for dipping (or a side of any sauce listed on the menu)!



Our vegan desserts are over the top, and of course we carry our full line at nami in Phoenix, but we’ll bring over a couple of our specialties to the Tempe green as well.

ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER BARS (TAG) Chef Damon’s wife, Kathy, put these delicious homemade candy bars out one day and they were gone before we knew it.  They’re made with organic chocolate, organic peanut butter, cornflakes, and also happen to be gluten-free.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES What can we say?  Try one and you’ll understand why they’re so good.

NOTE:  From time to time, we will have different offerings based on what’s baking in the oven over at nami.  Please ask the manager on duty for descriptions of any specialty desserts we may be offering.



The best way to describe a tSoynami is that it’s similar to a Dairy Queen blizzard.  But, of course, ours is 100% vegan.  It’s made with house made organic vegan soft serve ice cream into which we mix a wide variety of fresh fruits, cookies, cakes, candy, and all sorts of things delicious.  At our Tempe location, tSoynamis are found inside green restaurant.  In Phoenix, tSoynamis can be found at nami.  Depending on the green location at which you work, you may or may not be schooled in the art of making tSoynamis right away.  Either way you should have a good understanding of what they are and what we put in them. 

Following is a breakdown of our signature tSoynamis, the delectable ingredients, and how we create them.

tSoynami Recipes & Procedures

All tSoynamis begin with 8.5 oz. of vanilla, chocolate, or swirl tSoft-tServe.  When pulling the ice cream, take a 12oz nami cup and swirl around the inside of the wall of the cup.  Put the contents into a tSoynami bowl and then add ingredients.  Pay close attention to directives such as stir, fold, drizzle, etc.  They are important for presentation!  On the job training will be provided for all new or “special” tSoynami recipes.


We want our finished tsoynamis to be as visually pleasing (and tasting) as possible!  It’s important to follow these directions closely to make sure you’re creating the perfect tsoft-tserve treat!  For most of our ingredients, we simply fold them into the ice cream gently.  Vigorously stirring “breaks down” the consistency of our tsoft-tserve, making it mushy, and not as fluffy.  This is important because when we are finished making the tsoynami, we stack it into a cup, making it mound over the top.  This gets difficult if the ice cream has been overworked.  Here is a breakdown of how to treat each type of ingredient.  Read this carefully, so you can truly become a tsoynami master.


Flavored Syrups:  Add this in first!  Just a drizzle or 1/2 oz.  When the other ingredients are added, the syrup will get mixed in just perfectly.  One pump of syrup is equal to 1 oz.

Cookies (Newman O’s, Animal Crackers, Nami’s House-made Vanilla Wafers): For these, simply chop in half a couple times with a spatula and fold into ice cream twice.

Cereal (Captain Crunch, Cocoa Krispies): Cereal tends to be a little more delicate than other treats, so for these, one-fold into the ice cream will do!

Peanut Butter: We want to mix this in pretty well.  Fold it in a few times-try to avoid “stirring” as this will soften the ice cream making it difficult to stack for presentation!

Coffee Grounds: Treat this like peanut butter!  We want a little bit in every bite, but nobody wants a mouthful of coffee grounds.  Fold a few times until mixed throughout.  

Chai:  Because our chai concentrate is liquid, this stirs in quite easily.  Fold a couple times and ta-da!

Nuts, Chocolate Chips, Pretzels, Marshmallows: Fold twice into the ice cream.

Fruit: Fold twice into the ice cream.

Chocolate Syrup, Caramel Sauce: Always add this last!  Drizzle ½ oz in a zig-zag sort of fashion before stacking the tsoynami in the cup.



Cookies ‘n’ Cream

2 chocolate Newman O’s Cookies

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: do not stir, just put in the cup


Banana Cream Pie

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) banana syrup

3-4 vanilla wafers

½ banana sliced

Top with a dollop of whipped cream

Procedure: fold twice and put in the cup


PB ‘n’ Chocolate (GF)

1 heaping teaspoon peanut butter

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: do not stir, just put in the cup


Coffee Coco Loco (GF)

1 tsp ground coffee 

2 oz cocoa krispie cereal

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: fold twice and put in the cup



1 drizzle (1/2 oz) toasted marshmallow syrup

3-4 vanilla wafers

7-10 marshmallows

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: do not stir, just put in the cup


Donatello (GF)

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) caramel sauce

1 oz pecans

1 oz chocolate chips

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup, top with drizzle of caramel sauce


Clunky Monkey (GF)

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) banana syrup

1 oz pecans

½ banana sliced

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: gently fold twice, add drizzle of chocolate syrup, then put into cup


Almond Oy Vey (GF)

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) almond syrup

1 oz shredded coconut

1 oz sliced almonds

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: gently fold twice, add drizzle of chocolate syrup, then put into cup


No’s ‘n’ Mint

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) peppermint syrup

2 chocolate Newman O’s Cookies

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: do not stir, just put in the cup


Rocky Road (GF)

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) toasted marshmallow syrup

1 oz walnuts

1 oz chocolate chips

7-10 marshmallows

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: do not stir, just put in the cup


Life’s A Peach (GF)

1 oz caramel sauce drizzle

2 peach slices chopped

2 oz granola

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup


PB ‘n’ J

1 heaping teaspoon peanut butter

1 oz strawberries

3-4 vanilla wafers

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup


Soy Capitan

3 oz strawberries

2 oz captain crunch cereal

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup



2-3oz (level yellow scoop) cookie dough

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup


Haystack Attack (GF)

5-7 pretzels

2 oz cocoa krispie cereal

7-10 marshmallows

½ oz chocolate syrup drizzle

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup


Chai Tiramisu (GF)

2 oz chai concentrate

7 animal crackers

Top with a dollop of whipped cream

Procedure: Start with an empty bowl, place 7 animal crackers, drizzle 2oz chai, mash to create a slurry, add ice cream, fold twice, top with whip


Fluffynutter’n (GF)

1 teaspoon peanut butter

1 drizzle toasted marshmallow syrup

½ banana spiced

7-10 marshmallows

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup


Betterfinger (GF)

1 drizzle (1/2 oz) toffee nut syrup

1 oz chico sticks

1 oz chocolate chips

Procedure: fold twice, put in the cup


The Mash

3 oz Mash

1-2 other toppings

Feel free to get creative, keep in mind the simpler the better.  Only use fruit if the person chooses vanilla tsoft tserve and makes since with the mash.


Fruit (strawberry, mango, mixed berry, banana, peaches)

2 oz of fruit or ½ banana

Procedure: fold twice and put in cup



Our in-house drinks are unique, refreshing, and just plain good.  Let’s start with our usual offerings:

°Organic Green Tea brewed fresh daily and filled with natural antioxidants and no sweeteners.

°Berry Lemonade is made with strawberries, lemon juice, and organic unrefined sugar.

°Sweet Lime is made with organic lime juice, a touch of crushed ginger and organic unrefined sugar.

°Electric Nectar is made with blackberry syrup (or any other fruit syrup we have at the time) and organic unrefined sugar.

°Coffee Drinks-Tempe

Note: Tempe has limited coffee drinks.  Folks more familiar with our Phoenix location, which has nami and its full line of coffee drinks, may be a bit disappointed.  Take the time to explain that we have spatial limitations that preclude us from doing a full line of coffee drinks at this time but do offer these great alternatives and invite them to check out nami.

°Organic Chai Latte made with organic chai and organic soy milk to create the perfect refreshing summer treat

°Cold brew




It’s important to know how to explain where your green location is physically located and how to get there from every direction.  Please inquire with a manager if you’re not sure. 

Our current locations are:

green New American Vegetarian Tempe

2240 N. Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ 85281

Phone: 480.941.9003

Hours: 11am-9pm Monday through Saturday Closed Sunday

Green Tempe is located just north of McKellips Rd. on Scottsdale Rd. (the actual side of the street name is Papago) Please note that we are in Tempe and not in Scottsdale.  We are directly south of the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the west side of the street, tucked back in the north corner of a small strip mall.  It can be a little bit confusing, because the exact same address in Scottsdale is just a bit north of us on Scottsdale Rd.  When people call and seem lost on the phone, there’s a good chance they may be just a couple blocks up the road at this address.  Let them know to head south a little bit and keep an eye out for the Salvation Army.

green New American Vegetarian Phoenix

2022 N. 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85006

Phone: 602.258.1870

Hours: 11am-9pm Monday through Saturday Closed Sunday

Green Phoenix is located just north of McDowell Rd (and directly north of Palm Lane) on the west side of the street.  It is directly north of nami and parking is in the back.

Nami tSoft tServe

2014 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85006

Phone: 602.258.NAMI (6264)

Hours: 7am-9:30pm Monday through Sunday

Nami is located directly south of green Phoenix and directly north of a turquoise building (our bakery) that anchors the corner.



green and nami utilize many outreach strategies to inform the public and stay connected with our customers.



°The website for green restaurant, both locations, is

°The website for nami is



The link to green’s facebook page is

Our Instagram handles are:

Nami: @namivegansweets

Green: @greenrestaurantaz

There are links on the website to our facebook, Instagram, and all sorts of other pertinent information.  We ask that you visit these websites and social network sites prior to working your first shift and take a look at all the information they have to offer.  These pages are a wealth of knowledge regarding our clients and how they feel about our food and service.



Green prides itself in being a viable member of the community, frequently seeking out opportunities to spread the message of the benefits of it’s eco-friendly cuisine.  We frequently host fundraisers for local groups and forward the proceeds from DVD, book and t-shirt sales to local and national animal groups doing the good work.  On occasion, we support local groups’ catering needs working with them for affordable alternatives.  We also support local artists by hosting their art exhibitions on a monthly basis.



green does accept catering contracts for parties, weddings, etc.  Your manager can advise you regarding how our catering process works.



Green has some recurring events such as the Carnivore Caravan and our show stopping annual thanksLiving celebration.



Please be respectful of co-worker’s and customer’s pronouns.

How to address customers:

Using neutral pronouns for customer is the best option, especially when you are greeting a group of people.  Some great options are: y’all, folks, friends, etc.  Instead of saying: “Hi guys, welcome!”  Say, “Hi folks, welcome!”  Stay away from using terms like “sir” and “ma’am.”  “Friend” is a great alternative or since we ask for everyone’s name when we take their order, use their name!  We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe in our restaurants.


Whenever we have someone new joining our team your manager will notify staff of their name and pronouns.  If you are unsure of a co-worker’s pronouns, ask them and let them know what your pronouns are too.




Paychecks are issued biweekly with a one-week lag.  Our week runs from Monday to Sunday.  When you were hired, your manager should have given you a payroll packet.  If you didn’t receive a payroll packet, please talk to your manager and complete the required paperwork right away.

How do I receive my tips?

Tips are pooled and recorded at the end of each shift.  We take out a precent that goes to the kitchen staff.  The tips are then divided based on hours worked during that shift.  We record these numbers in a spread sheet then add the total for the two weeks onto your check.  If you ever have questions about tips, please ask the payroll manager.  We are more than happy to share this info with you.



At the Tempe location there is ample parking in front of the restaurant.  We ask that you not use the spaces directly in front of the door, but anywhere else in the lot is acceptable.

The Phoenix locations (green/nami) are a little bit more nuanced.  We ask that you do not park in a lot as we are restricted with a very small parking lot, and we would like to afford all of our guests’ access to those spots.  Please park on one of the neighboring streets or in the lot on the north west corner of 7th St and Palm Ln just south of our bakery (the teal building).  Check with your manager for information about the best places to park your vehicle.



Any entrance is fine, but if you are entering through the front door of any location, please be sure that you do so in a courteous manner.



We offer an employee discount of 50% off to all employees full time or part time whether they’re on the clock or not.  We ask that you do not extend this to family members, friends etc.  So, our integrity rule is:  If you’re ordering food to go after a shift and you’re getting your friend’s sandwich and yourself a sandwich, yours is 50% off and theirs is full price.  The employee discount on retail items is 40% off.  There is no discount on kombuchas.

Any pastry items from nami or green do not have a discount.  There is a 10% discount on pre ordered cakes. 



While you’re on the clock you’re welcome to have a drink from our organic drink bar.  You must keep a lid on it and keep it in the employee designated drink area.  This does not include any bottled or canned beverage from the drink cooler.  You are more than welcome to enjoy one of these with your 40% discount but remember it must have a closed, sealed lid.  Feel free to bring your own approved cup with lid but check with your manager to determine if your cup is approved.  Please do not have your personal drinks on any prep tables or services areas.  Please ask your manager about an appropriate location for your beverage.



We ask that while you’re on the clock you do not smoke.  The smoke from cigarette smoke is unappetizing and unappealing.  If you need to have a cigarette, please do so before or after your shift.  Also, Arizona State law states cigarette smoking must be at least 20 feet from any door.



We have a calendar for RTO or “requested time off” in a common area or your manager may ask you to submit RTOs on Homebase (a scheduling app we use).  Please, make a note on the calendar for any requests and also inform your manager.  The earlier you can request your time off, the better.  Be advised that time off requested is not necessarily guaranteed.  We will do our best to ensure that your requested time off is granted but be advised time off is on a first come first serve basis and we are obligated to ensure that we are staffed to the level necessary to offer optimal customer service in every area of our restaurants.



We ask that you do not make personal phone calls while on the clock unless it is an emergency.  Please keep all of your cell phones and personal devices stowed away.  Note in this time of such amazing technology it is very hard to police people using their cell phones to text, check social media, make phone calls, etc.  We simply ask that your time on the clock at green or nami be spent entirely devoted to your job and the tasks at hand.  Thank you so much for honoring this request, we know it’s kind of a bummer and we really appreciate it.  You are of course free to use your cell phone on premises when you are not on the clock or on break.



Please ask a manager for information on how to acquire a food handler’s card.  We ask that you obtain the card before your first shift.  Please pay attention to all of the important sanitary and food safety guidelines they will teach you.




The Tempe and Phoenix locations are a bit different when it comes to side work.  Your manager will have a list of all necessary duties for you to perform.



We certainly do!  We encourage you to inform our customers of this offering.  It really does make the perfect gift.  Gift Cards may be purchased at either green location, nami, or online from either website.  You will be taught how to enter gift cards during your POS training.



We will take reservations for parties of eight or more.  We need the date of the reservation, the time of the reservation, the number of people, and a contact number for the person making the reservation.  NOTE: We will only hold a reservation for 15 minutes beyond the time noted so please inform the person making the reservation that they must have someone from their party there within 15 minutes of their designated time.



We have a separate catering order slip located near the cash register and phone.  There is a list of questions found on the catering order slip to acquire the necessary information.  If you have not been trained on how to take a catering order, please locate a manager, and let them know that there is a catering order on the phone. 

Observe how they handle the call.  Ask them any questions you may have about the procedure.



Any items found on the premises will be put in a lost and found area in the office.  If you find something important like a wallet, purse, or cell phone please inform the manager and keep the item close by as it’s likely the person will return soon to get it.  NOTE: If the item is of significant value, it may be necessary to place it in the safe.  If it is a wallet and the person has not returned by close of business, a manager will determine if the wallet should be examined for contact information.



In all stores we often sell other non-food items like t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc.  These items should be clearly marked on the POS system but if you have any further questions on them, please ask a manager.  NOTE: Many of these items are tied to some sort of charity to which we are donating or are just offering without any charge.  You’ll be informed of any organizations with which we are currently working with via manager.



We offer medical, vision, and dental insurance to those that work full time (30+ hours per week).  Our open enrollment period usually starts in November.  If you are working full time and are interested in receiving information about insurance before the open enrollment period, please speak to your manager. 



Your manager will explain the overtime process to you.  However, any hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week, whether the employee is full-time or part-time, will be paid at time and ½ the regular pay rate.  If you are getting close to over time, please inform your manager to approve the overtime hours.



If you are ill or have an emergency and cannot make it to work, please contact your manager as soon as possible.  However, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to cover your shift.  When you call your manager to advise them about your absence, you can also advise them on who will be covering your shift.  Your manager will work closely with you to ensure that any occasions of tardiness or absence are few and far between, but you are still ultimately responsible for ensuring your shift is covered.  Should absences and tardiness continue, they could lead to loss of shifts or eventual unemployment.  While every effort will be made to accommodate genuine illness and emergencies, ultimately an employer must function with a full staff.  In order to ensure minimal impact to the business and to your peers, please have a plan to cover your shift should an unplanned absence occur.



What is Paid Sick Time Off:

• Starting July 1st, 2017, all employees will begin accruing paid sick time off.

• Any employee hired after July 1st, 2017, will begin accruing Paid Sick Time Off 90 days after their date of hire.

• For every 30 hours worked you will earn 1 hour of paid sick time off.

• You may use up to 40 hours of paid sick time in a year (January 1st -December 31st). If you have any unused time, it will roll over into the next year.

• Paid sick time is only for currently scheduled shifts. Employee will be paid for number of hours scheduled for that shift. Example: You are scheduled 10am-4pm they will get paid for 6 hours of hourly pay (tips will not be added).

The circumstances in which you may use Paid Sick Time Off:

• Mental or physical illness of the employee.

• To care for a family member’s mental or physical illness.

• A public-health emergency; and

• Domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking.

How to Use Paid Sick Time Off:

• You are still asked to try to get your shift covered. If it's an emergency and you need assistance getting your shift covered, you must notify your manager asap.

• If using paid sick time off you must notify your manager (and/or payroll manager) that day. Please let your manager know how many hours of Paid Sick Time Off you are using. Example: You are scheduled 10am-4pm, you weren’t feeling well and left at 1pm. You want to use Paid Sick Time Off for the hours that you missed, so you would use 3 hours of Paid Sick Time Off.

• MOD will notify payroll manager through email and will copy you on the email. Email will include the date Paid Sick Time is being used, Employee’s Name, and the number of hours being used.

• If you need to take 3 or more consecutive days off and are using paid sick time you will need a note from your doctor or in the case of domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse or stalking your manager will let you know what form of notification is acceptable.  If you have any questions about Paid Sick Time Off, please refer to a member of the management team.



Green is always looking for stellar employees to move into the management ranks and we very much believe in promoting from within.  If you are interested in being considered for a leadership position, please let your manager know.



For optimum coverage, each location will likely have a core staff.  However, there may be occasions where we will need to utilize “floaters” between our two green locations or require vacation coverage.  Should this be the case your manager will apprise you of the opportunities.


This concludes the first part of training.  We’re glad you’re here! Welcome & Thank you!



“My grandfather and great grandfather built a house next to a lake.  This was the house where I learned to cook.  I was seven years old when my grandmother told me to go into the woods to pick fresh dandelion greens for her salad.  This was where my hands first smelled of fresh garlic.  Where the scent of baking bread intoxicated my senses and the hand rolled pasta made my mouth water.  This is where I took the tomato off the vine and placed it into the pot and where we picked the cherries from the tree for the cherry pies that made the neighbors swoon to my grandparents’ house.  This is where I fell in love with the asparagus and the artichoke and the arugula.  This is where I learned to celebrate food.  This is why I cook for you.  And this is why I am Green.”  - Chef Damon Brasch


Making customers happy.  Essentially, that’s our job.  We offer great food and a great atmosphere with impeccable customer service and don’t forget our tasty vegan eats.  We want everyone to be happy, regardless of their diet, when they leave green or nami.  Try to remember the little things, like good manners, hold the door for someone when their hands are full.  If you know your customer’s names use them.  Studies show that the word that most people would like to hear more than any other word is their own name.

If you make a mistake, remember the immediate apology- if you find somehow, inadvertently, you have offended someone or someone is bummed on a part of their experience, remember that the heartfelt apology could change everything… and usually does.  “I’m so sorry about that,” is a strong statement that goes a long way if it is delivered with authenticity and sincerity.  You’ll feel better too!

Little things like wiping down a dirty table right away if someone is waiting for it or making gentle suggestions on your favorite menu items when someone’s not sure what to get, these are the things that enhance the green experience.  Be sure to let all of our customers know how happy we are that they chose us to fill their bellies.

You are now officially part of something that has real meaning and purpose --- purpose to which you will directly contribute.  I said it before and I’ll say it again—



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