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I got a really nice question from someone on Instagram: Strengthen children's immune systems. How do you do that?

Most children nowadays are too far removed from nature in my view. They are so busy with screens that they lose sight of real reality. I believe disconnecting from nature contributes to depression and many other problems.

Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives

Why is strengthening your immune system so important?

A strong immune system makes you resilient and stronger. With a good immune system, your body is better able to fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses. A good immune system also ensures that you feel powerful and energetic.

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Put on your coat or you will catch a cold!

Do you know the comment: put on your coat when you go outside otherwise you will catch a cold? We always wear a lot of clothes when it is cold so that our body is not stimulated and our circulation remains in a bad condition.

If Jane wants to go outside without a coat or just wants to go outside with 0 degrees barefoot, she can. You don't get sick from the cold, it strengthens your immune system. Getting sick from cold is in our adult mind. Children don't think like that, they enjoy it. It is good for the circulation. For short, active periods outside it is good not to put on too much clothing. You train your body and your mind with the help of the cold.

Unfortunately, our education system is not focused on happiness, health, strength or deep control over ourselves. That is why I am in favor of parenting as naturally as possible. As parents, teach your children to love nature, to be outdoors. Show how plants grow and teach them to love everything that lives. It is time to reconnect to Earth!

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Immune system and nutrition

In terms of nutrition, I am an advocate of as little refined sugar as possible. Sugar is a highly addictive and unhealthy drug that negatively affects children. I often use agave syrup, coconut blossom sugar or fruit as an alternative. Make sure that your child, just like you, gets as much pure, unprocessed food as possible and of course 100% plant-based food. Food without animal hormones, antibiotics or an excess of saturated fats;). Did you read my article 'children on the vegetable milk?

Breathing in children

Children up to the age of 7 naturally breathe through their abdomen. Abdominal breathing is a sign of relaxation. From the age of 7, children unfortunately experience stress more often and develop breast breathing. Chest breathing is a lot more unhealthy. It ensures that you are more tired, have little energy and are more susceptible to illnesses.

To relieve stress in children, you can play fun breathing games. Children become more aware of themselves and are less prone to colds.

Bubble games are a good example of such a game: blowing big and small bubbles. I also often use the meditation app with Jane before going to sleep. There are special children's meditations on this app which makes children become very calm and fall asleep better.


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