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Vegan probiotics?!

Probiotics are bacteria that have powerful health effects. They make the food more digestible, so that the intestines can absorb vitamins and minerals better.

Even if you want to lose weight, it is important that your intestinal flora is in balance! With the right balance, your digestive system can work optimally and then your body is able to burn fat better.

Sauerkraut is fermented. The lactic acid bacteria in sauerkraut have a beneficial effect on the intestines. Sauerkraut is also full of vitamins, especially vitamin C!

For a healthy intestinal flora it is therefore good to regularly add sauerkraut to your diet.

This time I am making a typical Dutch vegan sauerkraut mash with it. No funny business!

Serves 4


  • 750 grams of sauerkraut (or 500 grams if you want to make it slightly less sour but we love it sour haha

  • 1 kg potatoes for mashing

  • unsweetened soy milk

  • salt / white pepper

  • vegan bacon

  • olive oil for baking

Put the sauerkraut in a saucepan. Add some water and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

Wash the potatoes. (I never peel potatoes because I believe that you then peel off all vitamins but the choice is yours). Cut the potatoes in half and cook them with some salt until tender (about 15 to 20 minutes). Drain the potatoes.

Drain the sauerkraut and add to the potatoes.

Mash and add soy milk until it has a nice mash structure. Add salt and pepper.

Fry the vegan bacon crispy in some oil.

Delicious with vegetable gravy and spicy mustard!

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