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Centerparcs 'say yes to what matters'...

At Centerparcs it is really just being together with your loved ones in the middle of nature. Ever since I was a small child, we went to Center Parcs with the family every year. Enjoy a midweek or long weekend in a cottage in the middle of the forest. Subtropical swimming paradise, the tropical covered Market Dome, indoor and outdoor activities, there is plenty to do! But what is it like being vegan in Centerparcs?

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Enjoy a beer or cocktail and a vegan snack in the Marketdome ...?

After a nice afternoon swimming in the subtropical swimming paradise (where we could score a vegan Magnum by the way) whoop! We were in the mood for a good pint and a snack. The menu is a large newspaper and looks promising because before we opened it, we noticed this sentence:

"The menu for every taste" .... Finally, this menu has heart for the environment and our world ". That promises a lot of good things in the vegan field, wouldn't you think?

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs
vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

The unfortunately vegetarian options are: the oyster mushroom bitterballen. These contain cream & milk and the onion rings also contain milk. (WHY?)

So we went for the only vegan option from the mega menu: the nachos without cheese with extra guacamole and red sauce (hooray).

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

Fortunately we always have our traditional Dutch gourmet set with us during a stay in Centerparcs and an Albert Heijn (Dutch Supermarket with great vegan options) around the corner!

Vegan lunch or dinner options .. it is absolutely rubbish at the Market Dome. Or you should of course feel like eating a green salad or a pizza without cheese (at the Italian (Nonna's) all pasta is egg-based, the cook told me). The pancakes are also not available vegan at "Pancakes".

Fries (chips) without at Snacks could be another option but the snacks are anything but vegan.

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

Time for a nice cup of coffee in the Market Dome

Here too: no plantbased milk for the coffee. Fortunately I like to drink my coffee black because there is no other vegan option in the Market Dome in Centerparcs. No vegetable milk options here. All coffee à la cows breastfeeding.

So what can I eat in the Park?

A number of plantbased options are available in the supermarket in the Market Dome such as Alpro Soy milk and Alpro red fruit drink. There are also a number of vegan burgers available for the gourmet but I am really talking about 2 or 3 options here.

Center parcs 'because we care about people and nature'

“Sustainability is at the basis of everything we do at Center Parcs. That means careful handling of all flora and fauna, paying attention to the people around us and leaving a pleasant living environment for future generations. We do this through numerous initiatives and collaborations. Our mission is to cherish the natural wealth and to do good for the people around us. That is simply in our nature. So that you can have a good holiday in our parks ”.

The good and green deeds of Centerparcs that I could find on their website:

Our Good & Green Deeds ”

To nurture nature and do good for the people around us, we have committed ourselves to a number of goodand green deeds That is in our DNA. 

  • 100% of our parks have a biodiversity plan by 2022 at the latest.

  • 25% Less CO2 emissions in 2022.

  • 25% Less energy consumption in 2022 and 60% of our energy consumption is green by 2022.

  • 25% Less water consumption by 2022, among other things, by reverse osmosis technology, which converts wastewater into clean water.

  • 60% of the separate waste stream by 2022.

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

Centerparcs..the meat shed

Vegan in Center Parcs? Centerparcs is rich in grill restaurants, all-you-can-eat buffets and snack corners

A lot of CO2, methane and laughing gas are released when keeping animals. These greenhouses contribute to global warming.

Meat and dairy are the biggest culprits. The digestion of cows and other ruminants produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Moreover, the livestock industry consumes an enormous amount of food, which further increases the "carbon food print" of animal products (source: Greenpeace).

Meat causes 40% of the climate burden by food from the average Dutch person. Meat has so much impact because the production of 1 kilo of meat requires around 5 kilos of vegetable feed. Eating less (or better not) meat is therefore good for the climate!

Totally brilliant of course that Centerparcs tries to be as green as possible a park, but also think of sustainability in the field of nutrition.

So I expect / hope that by 2022 vegan options for a better world will also be looked at so that a green environment will continue to exist in Centerparcs.


My tips for a holiday in Centerparcs

  1. Take your gourmet set with you (but that won't be a problem for most Dutch people). (It is kind of a tradition in The Netherlands).

  2. Put a jar of vegan mayo in your trunk if you feel like a fries mayo and buy it differently at the local supermarket (in Centerparcs not available at the supermarket in the Market Dome).

  3. Find out in advance where the local supermarket is. (Albert Heijn often has a wide range of vegan products).

  4. Just to be sure, take your ultimate favorite vegan products with you that you can't miss (for us, for example, the balls from Aldi and the vegan cheese slices from Violife).

  5. Check on google maps for example if there is a vegan takeaway (if you don't feel like cooking). We went to get vegan take-away sushi!

  6. If you have booked a VIP house, please report to the supermarket in the Marketdome that you are vegan. You will receive customized sandwiches!

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

Tip: report ‘allergies’ for the bread service (LOL)

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

Vegan takeaway sushi from Njoy Sushi in Boxmeer

vegan, greem comfort food, vegan centerparcs, veganisme in centerparcs

Leftover gourmet lunch on a sandwich! #Nowaste

This blog is about Centerparcs het Heijderbos but I know that the menus in the other parks are largely the same.

Dear Center Parcs. I have a few tips:

  • vegan options in the plaza instead of vegetarian

  • vegan pancake option

  • plantbased milk options for coffee in the Market Dome

  • Mention the 'Ve' sign on the menu so there is clarity for everyone

  • vegan sauces for the fries

  • vegan snacks

  • read the staff about veganism. A few times I indicated that we were vegan when I asked for plantbased milk in the coffee and I still got a cup of milk with my coffee, honey with my mint tea and butter cookies.

People are increasingly aware of their diet and the earth. It plays enormously. The "Veganisten Groep" is growing fast. Wouldn't it be great if you as Centerparcs would also be able to think about this in the future and be able to respond to this? After all, youth is the future of the earth.

Dear readers, I would like to hear (and maybe also Centerparcs) if you have any more ideas!

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