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Think before you eat

After World War II, the sandwiches with bacon, lettuce and tomato became popular because these ingredients became more readily available all year-round.

These days it is totally unnecessary to kill a cute pig to make this sandwich because they sell vegan bacon almost in every supermarket :) yes!

Happy Times

I love this vegan American Style sandwich!

Serves 2


  • green lettuce

  • 200 gram vegan bacon

  • 1 large tomato

  • 4 tbs vegan mayonnaise

  • olive oil or vegetable butter for baking the vegan bacon

  • 2 vegan buns or sandwich slices

  • optional: pickle slices

Bake the vegan bacon as on package in some olive oil or butter.

Cut the buns open and spread the inside with the vegan mayonnaise.

Put a leaf of lettuce on the buns, slice the tomato and put a few slices on the lettuce. Now add the vegan bacon and but the other half of the sandwich on top.

Finish with a satay stick and some pickle slices!


Earlier I made a vegan quiche with bacon! Click HERE for the recipe xoxo

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