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With this vegan beef Wellington you get a free history lesson. A national hero for defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, Arthur Wellesley was made the first Duke of Wellington. His favorite dish was the beef Wellington which has been named in his honor.

The vegan beef Wellington variants are mostly with mushrooms. I thought: let's go crazy and make a wellington with vegan meat. I used the Biefstukc van Vivera. I chose this burger because this is one of my husband's favorite vegan burgers. He says it is close to the taste of meat. The results are impressive as I say. This beauty will look gorgeous on your vegan christmas table. A fancy, easy to make dish.

Een sjieke uitstraling maar eenvoudig en snel te maken. Je zou deze vegan beef Wellington in de ochtend kunnen maken. Dan hoef je hem ’s avonds alleen nog maar in de oven te doen en heb je meer tijd voor de visite! Wel zo gezellig toch 😉

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  • 2 vegan steak burgers (I use Vivera Biefstukc)

  • large slice of puff pastry

  • 200 grams chestnut mushrooms

  • optional: other wild mushrooms. I use Shiitake

  • 1 onion

  • Alpro Soy cream

  • 2 handful of spinach

  • pepper / salt / Italian herbs / rosemary

  • Soy milk for glazing the pastry
  • vegetable butter
  • some plain flour

Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F.

Melt the butter in a frying pan. Cut the onion very fine and bake on a medium heat. Cut the mushrooms very fine and add them to the onion. Add the salt, pepper and chopped rosemary (or Italian herbs). Add the spinach and let it shrink. Add some soy cream and let this dissolve. Let the mixture cool down in the fridge.

Cover the cold ovenplate with some bakingpaper. Put some flour on the kitchen counter, unfold the pastry and unroll it a little bit so it will all fit in there. Put the pastry on the ovenplate.

Put a layer of mushroommixture on the pastry. Now put the vegan steak on top of that. And on top of the vegan steak you put the rest of the mushroommixture. Fold the pastry. (I always fold the sides first and then the top and the bottom. Turn over the package (with policy). Brush the pastry with some Soy milk and sprinkle some seasalt and pepper on the pastry. Make some small carvings. 25 minutes in the oven until golden. Decorate with some rosemary.

Ps: Make this dish complete with some baked potatoes!

vegan, green comfort food, vegan beef wellington, vegan christmas, vegan kerst

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