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What kind of surprise do we put in our quiche this time? I discovered something delish. Namely the Geheitkaas from Charly's all is fair.. I found out about this in the online shop of Veggiedeli a 100% plantbased online shop.

In combination wih spinach, cream and the right vegan cheese topping this is a true party! Little quiches are so much fun with Christmas as a starter or just on the snackboard or buffet.

vegan, green comfort food, vegan quiche, geheitkaas, veggiedeli recept


  • 4 slices vegan pastry

  • 600 gram (soft) frozen spinach

  • 2 cubes of ‘Geheitkaas’ (Veggiedeli)

  • 250 gram mushrooms, chopped

  • 1 red onion, chopped

  • 1 handful of pine nuts

  • 5 tbs Alpro (Cuisine Soy)

  • 1 tbs Arrowroot combined with 3 tbs water

  • grated vegan cheese (Mature Cheddar Style, Veggiedeli)

  • rosemary, salt / pepper

  • 2 mini quiche spring forms

  • vegetable butter for greasing the spring forms

Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F. Grease the spring forms. Press the dough into the bottom and sides of the pie plate.

Bake the onion and mushrooms in a pan. Add salt / pepper. Drain the spinach. Make sure there is no moisture in it anymore (use a colander).

Cover the bottom of the spring forms with some spinach. On top of this you put a layer of Geheitkaas (I use one cube per quiche). Then on top of this a layer of the mushroom onion mixture. Chop the rosemary very fine and sprinkle on top of this. Now add some pine nuts.

Mix the Arrowroot mixture with the Alpro. Poor in the mixture. Divide evenly. Last but not least add the last bit of spinach and finish with some vegan cheese. 45 minutes in the oven.

For the sweet tooth: Serve with some Maple Syrup!

vegan, green comfort food, vegan quiche, geheitkaas, veggiedeli recept

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