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Hi I am Linda I call myself a comfort food veganizer, HSP, cooking addict, enormous Disney- and Efteling fan, health freak, fit girl, Anglophile, outdoor person, mommy of Jane (4) and married with Jos. We live in a village called Rijen. The village is surrounded by countryside and forest land.

30 years ago I switched the button. As a little girl I saw a cow knocked to death on the television. I never wanted to eat meat ever again when I knew why that person did that. Because I am vegetarian since I was 5 years old and I absolutely love cooking vegetarized (is that an existing word? Otherwise they should legalize this) many recipes already until I started to occupy myself with veganism. I started to get more vegan Facebook friends and because of that I saw movies, pictures and articles about the dairy- and egg industry. All those years that I was a vegetarian I never had awareness of this enormous animal suffering, environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. I gave myself a new challenge: veganizing recipes. But how? Well I thought this was a fairly tough task because I was struggling with a cheese addiction and I was cooking with cheese a lot. Then the vegan cheeses and I had a meet cute and I discovered a whole new world out there beyond (since I found the right vegan cheese, it was quite a journey)

Because I am a highly sensitive person, that means that I am overwhelmed by almost everything in life (that also contains 'the crunchers' I call them at the movies, the sound of cars, drills and for me animal cruelty)I lived in anger for many years. I was angry at the news, the butcher, at people that bought kilo's of meat in the supermarket like it was nothing. I did not know what to do with all that total madness inside myself. Until mid 2018 I joined a group of activists (anonymous for the voiceless)in Tilburg. AV is a worldwide animal rights organization that specializes in street activism. Through the use of local standard practice footage they expose to the public what is intentionally hidden from them when it comes to animal exploitation. I saw people who were really interested in what we were doing. I think I have never felt more alive. I was less angry because I could reach out to people in a peaceful way! What I did hear people saying a lot was: “but what do you eat then? I can't live on beans”

Well that is why I started this website! To be a little source of information and inspiration to people who want to live their lives with more awareness for our planet, their own bodies and don't want to contribute to these mad industries that do not do any good to this all. People who want to eat food that feels good. I want to show you how delish vegan comfort food can be and that it exists! Hopefully you can also have the full tasting experience it when you try one of my recipes...

 P.s.: ik vertaal deze pagina zelf naar het Engels dus er kunnen soms wel eens wat hilarische foutjes in te vinden zijn 😉

XOXO Linda

vegan, green comfort food, baking

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