Over Linda Meijers

I have been a vegetarian since I was four

I am Linda Meijers. Vegan mom of toddler Jane (who we raise vegan and bilingual. (English and Dutch. In my vlogs I also speak English to our daughter, but to you just Dutch haha).

Words that suit me are: comfort food veganizer, Disney and Efteling fan, health freak, athlete, anglophile (huge fan of England), preferably always outside, and I am married to Jos. Together we live in the Brabant village of Rijen between the peasant landscapes and the forests.

I am very highly sensitive (HSP, a very sensitive person) which made me become a vegetarian at the age of four. Because of this my mother has always cooked separately for me for which I am very grateful to her! I am also very grateful to my parents that they too started eating meat-free since the end of 2019!

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vegan, green comfort food, lake district

My way to veganism

Because I have been living vegetarian since I was four and love to cook, I have already vegetarianized many recipes myself. Until I started focusing more on veganism at the beginning of 2018. I got more and more vegan Facebook friends and I saw videos, photos and articles about the milk and egg industry. During all the years that I was a vegetarian, I had little awareness of this. I started eating vegan and I got a new challenge: veganize recipes. How? Well, I thought this was quite a challenge because I have always had some kind of cheese addiction and I often cooked with cheese. But then I discovered vegan cheeses to cook with and a whole world opened up for me! (when I finally found the right one).

I was mad at everyone!

I am highly sensitive. So everything comes in twice as hard for me (popcorn crackers in the cinema, cars, jackhammers, and therefore animal suffering too). Because of this, I lived quite a bit in anger towards everything and everyone for years. I was angry with the news, with the butcher, with people who bought pieces of meat in the supermarket as if it were nothing. I didn't know what to do about this madness of my own.

Convert my anger into positivity

In mid-2018 I joined a group of vegan activists in Tilburg (anonymous for the voiceless). A worldwide organization that shows images to the public by means of a “cube of truth” about what is happening behind the walls in slaughterhouses, stables, the dairy industry, etc. There are therefore outreachers outside the cube to talk to people about the images. . I saw people here who were really interested in why we stood there. I felt so alive and much less angry because I could reach people with this peaceful demonstration.

Why I started this vegan food blog and youtube vlogs...

What I heard a lot of people say is, "but what do you eat then"? I really can't just eat beans ”. Well that's why I started this website! To share my experiences and recipes with people who want to live more consciously for our planet, their own body and no longer want to contribute to the industry that is not doing all this good. So people who want to eat food that feels good for everything and everyone. I would like to show you how delicious vegan comfort food can be and hopefully you can also taste it when you try my recipes...

Furthermore, I show you in my vegan youtube channel Linda Meijers our life as a vegan family and I hope to help mamas who want to educate their children vegan or to inspire people in the field of veganism.

vegan, green comfort food, baking
vegan voedingspraktijk linda meijers

My Vegan food practice Linda Meijers

In 2018, I also started a health food advisor training course in addition to this blog. My dream was to start my own vegan nutrition practice and help even more people on their way to a more plant-based / vegan lifestyle. In 2020 I passed this training at HBO level and I officially started my vegan nutritional practice Linda Meijers! So I am a health food advisor, but 100% vegan! read HERE more.