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Some people avoid eggs due to allergies or because they just don't like it. Me on the other hand have always been crazy about eggs. I used them for anything. I loved baked egg, omelet, boiled eggs etc. Also in baking like quiches or bread pudding I used eggs.


I always bought them free range because I thought that the chickens lived happily outside and lay an egg so once and a while. Well when I saw a documentary on the internet about what happens with the cockerels ..that cut me to the quick. Those poor souls are born and a few minutes later killed again.


I did not want to support this industry anymore..but how was I going to make all my favorite recipes without my beloved eggs? And how about my baked egg on a sunday morning? Maybe I have to buy myself some chickens? Yes rabbits Poohbear and Mowgli would love to have some new friends. Or am I going to read in about egg substitutes?

Of course there are many articles already about egg substitutes but I give you my own experience with different products that I use.


There are many reasons why people use eggs in bakings. Without eggs a dish can be dry, tasteless or flat.


My favorite egg substitutes:

Thickening and binding:
I use Arrowroot in quiches and in pastries. For example my 'vegan quiche with 'bacon' and my vegan sausage rolls. I think Arrowroot is a great replacement for eggs in these savory dishes. It doesn't cost much and it last a long time.
(mix 2 tbs Arrowroot powder with 3 tbs water = 1 egg)


One of our beloved breakfasts in the weekends is bread pudding. We usually have bread leftovers and I don't like throwing food away so I like to soak the bread in some almond or soy milk, applesauce, flower, cinnamon and brown sugar. Delish with some maple syrup topping or vanilla sugar (just put some sugar in a jar and add a vanilla bean and leave it there for a couple of weeks)Easy as pie. Applesauce can replace eggs in most sweet recipes. I use unsweetened applesauce. When I use the sweetened one I use less sugar in the recipe.

(65 grams of appelsauce = 1 egg)


vegan, green comfort food, vegan bread pudding

Aquafaba (Aquafaba is the water in which legume seeds such as chickpeas have been cooked)

You can use this when you need egg whites like in chocolate mousse. You can just whisk it like normal egg whites.

(3 tbs aquafaba = 1 egg)


Ground Flax seeds

I always have a stock of flax seeds in the house. I use them in my breakfast shakes to get my omega 3. I love the nutty flavor. Groundedground I use it in dishes that I want to rise. I recently made a Thai vegan meatloaf with it and it worked very well! You can find the recipe here

(mix 1 tbs grounded flaxseed with 3 tbs water = 1 egg) Let the mixture rest until thickened and add to your dish.


Apple vinegar with baking soda

This I even drink on an empty stomach mixed with some warm water. Since I do this so once and a while I never get bothered by cystitis anymore and at the same time it boosts your metabolism! Read here the profits of Applecider vinegar, but good back to the egg replace story. Cookies and quiches, for example, are delightfully airy with this!

(1 tsp baking soda with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar = 1 egg)


Glazing the pastry:
Dit doe ik altijd met ongezoete sojamelk voor hartige gerechten en abrikozenjam als ik het in huis heb voor zoete gerechten. Je krijgt er echt een goudbruine korst van. Ik merk totaal geen verschil of je dit met ei of sojamelk doet. De kipjes gelukkig wel 🙂


Baking an egg:

Yesterday my husband went to the organic shop for me because it was on his way home and I asked him nicely :).I really wanted to make something that looked and tasted like eggs for lunch this weekend. I found out on the Internet that I had to use Kala Namak (indian vulcanic rock salt that smells and tastes like egg). Well here is my recipe and I can say my husband acted like he had hollow legs. link Recipe!


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