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vegan, green comfort food, lake district

Sometimes I just have to be one with nature and sit on a mountain. Absolute silence nothing at all I love seeing only mountains in my view. No villages, no roads, only the pureness of nature surrounding me. I like fantasizing then that we live hundreds or thousands years ago when there were no cars yet, no bio industry etc. Sometimes I think I have been born in the wrong century. Can you picture me as a cavewoman?
Once a year my husband and I are off to the UK, just the two of us for some quality time. That means: drinking pints in a pub, do some hikes that Jane can't do yet and attending a scary local ghost tour. This year we chose a village in the Lake District called Keswick. I was a bit worried if I could get through those three days as a Vegan acceptably or that I had to live on carrots every day. When we arrived in the Lake District the first thing we had to do obviously was to climb a mountain. When we finished our hike and arrived at our b&b there was a lovely surprise waiting for us. The owners of the b&b were also very much occupied with vegetarism and veganism. I believe in the secret, the law of attraction. I had an amazing breakfast in the morning. They made porridge for us with soy milk and fresh fruit and I had some vegan sausages for example. Carol made homemade vegan cakes for us everyday. The b&b is called Honister house

The next morning we set out bright and early for our next hike. It was quite foggy, that makes it always a bit mysterious. At the top there were some sheep grazing. This sight made me so happy! I can imagine the life of a sheep much worse. Sheep here are always colored with some kind of graffiti. A few years ago when I was in a pub sitting at the bar with some local farmers they explained that this is done because they sometimes steal each others sheep. Some farmers colour their sheep red or blue or green so if you steal a blue sheep while your sheep are red you just give him some red painting. So lots of sheep here who look like they fell out of a rainbow. If this is ok I am not sure. What do you think?

vegan, green comfort food, Keswick

When we came back we went to Kat's kitchen, a vegan lunchroom in the middle of this small village Keswick. How brilliant is this! A small cosy lunchroom in a very nice setting. The menu made me very enthusiastic. I had coffee with oat milk and grilled aubergine with ratatouille and vegan feta cheese. Mnonmnon. I am definitely going to try to make this recipe. We will come back here!

Keswick village is really cute and cosy. On Thursday's there is a market here where the local Indian restaurant for example sells delish vegan curry's. There are lots of pubs to find here all on a doorstep. The most wonderful thing is that almost every pub or restaurant had 3 or 4 vegan recipes on the menu. Really true! Not only vegetarian..no vegan too! You don't see this in the Netherlands. At least not where I come from unfortunately. People are really changing their habits here. I love this.

Anyhow, we also drove to the city (Carlisl) at the Scottish borders because I wanted to go to a large supermarket to score some vegan products. On the road we constantly saw trailers behind SUV's loaded with young calves. Some of them were just born, they were still wet. There babies were taken away from their mommy's off to a livestock auction centre and now they are..I rather not think about that. I cried a lot during that drive but at the same time I am glad that we don't participate in this anymore


Photo: The lovely vegan products that we bought in the English supermarkets

Conclusion: The Lake District is really vegan proof. We consider this as one of the nicest places on earth.

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