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Vegan chocolate cake

Een simpele, maar de beste vegan chocoladetaart! Deze vegan chocoladetaart maakte ik voor Jane haar vijfde verjaardag. Het was echt een heel groot succes en…

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Swedish Vegan Chokladbollar

Choklad bollar, een Zweedse traditie Ik had voordat ik naar Zweden ging nog nooit van Swedish Choklad bollar of Fika gehoord. Fika is een begrip…

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Vegan Eton Mess

A classic British recipe with fruit, merengue and whipped cream. Normally with egg and milk. Of course the eton mess I made is 100%...

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Tomato Tapenade

Homemade tomato tapenade is the best! I like a good homemade tapenade. When I have a drink somewhere, this is usually an option in...

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Dutch deep fried raisin buns

Oliebollen tegen de honger... Al eeuwen is het eten van oliebollen iets typisch Nederlands. Oliebollen zijn een gefrituurd gistdeeggerecht. Vroeger mochten arme mensen in de…

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Vegan Hand Pies

Wonderlijke winterwarmte... Laat je verwonderen door deze vegan hand pies. Knapperig van buiten en een romige vulling van binnen. Deze vegan hand pies bezorgen je…

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Vegan Chocolate Doughnuts

vegan chocolate donuts are the bomb! These super easy to make vegan chocolate donuts are really the bomb! They are refined sugar free...

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Vegan Pumpkin Pies (sweet)

Herfst in een springvorm... Toen ik deze vegan pompoen taartjes maakte rook mijn hele huis naar de meest hartverwarmende herfstgeuren! Ik maakte deze taartjes in…

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Vegan Pumpkin Lentil Pies!

Pumpkin Lentil Pies! Many of you have already seen me make these British-inspired pies in the Insta stories. On a wonderful autumnal day these...

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Vegan Waffles

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside! These vegan waffles are incredibly tasty and quite healthy too! I use coconut blossom sugar in this...

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Vegan Carrot Salad

The ideal salad when people come over for diner! I often make this vegan carrot salad when I have people coming over for diner...

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Vegan Meatloaf

The cousin of the Dutch meatball. A Meatloaf is a traditional German, Scandinavian and Belgian dish, and it is a cousin of the Dutch meatball...

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Vegan Salmon Wellington

Did I ever mention I am in love with pastry? Yes, lots of recipes of mine are made with pastry. I think it is brilliant! Pastry is so versatile and I love surprise packages ;)

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Vegan Scones

This morning Jane and I felt like baking some vegan British scones! They turned out a bit bigger then they where supposed to be so I...

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Vegan Cupcakes

If your children grow up vegan you obviously don't want to give them the feeling that they have to miss anything. Earlier I made...

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The veggiedog. Super fast and easy to make with the mincemeat from Naturli. I am a huge fan of this product (no this is not sponsored)...

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Vegan Party Rolls

Do you want to make vegan party rolls? Let your child be the center of attention on his birthday or on school with this peaceful delicacy....

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Stuffed Pumpkin

Pumpkin squash is my favorite pumpkin. Sweet, nutty en creamy. The peel is also eatable so that saves me lots of clumsiness...

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Vegan Snackboard

You can't wait to prepare this snackboard in your kitchen, can you? And you sure can use these Vegafit products then...

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Vegan chicken wraps

Now my husband reached the age of 30 we decided to throw a party. Now anybody who has ever been to a party of mine...

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Vegan 'chickensalad'

Now I can't tell anybody what chicken tastes like because I don't eat meat since I was a little girl. But I made this salad and...

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Need some inspiration for a cosy vegan high tea, lunch or a colorful addition to your snackboard? Why don't you...

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Stuffed peppadews

You can make your own stuffed peppadews now a says and it is easy as pie! Spicy & creamy with a touch of sweetness...

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Vegan Sausage Rolls

This recipe is brilliant. I shared this one with many people already. A few days ago I met a lady in the supermarket...

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