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rhubarb Compote

Rabarber compote uit eigen moestuin... Vandaag oogstte ik mijn eerste groente uit de moestuin: rabarber! Rabarber doet me aan vroeger denken. Mijn moeder maakte toen…

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Vegan Asparagus Meal

Asparagus, a natural botox! Why am I so fond of this asparagus meal? Asparagus is rich in the fiber inulin and rejuvenates the skin! The…

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Vegan Pie Pastry

Vegan pie pastry in an instant! Fortunately, you can buy vegan puff pastry and vegan pie pastry in the supermarket nowadays, but...

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Vegan Pompoensoep

Vegan pompoensoep in een Oosters jasje Deze vegan pompoensoep is een ware geur- en smaak sensatie. Doordat ik er linzen aan toe voeg is het…

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Vegan Crabcakes

You can eat these vegan crab cakes as a starter, side dish or as a main course! During our holiday in England this summer I again got a lot of vegan comfort food inspiration...

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Vegan toad in the hole

Vegan toad in the hole ..I share my great love for British food with you again! It is really comfort food, so in my opinion that me...

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Vegan Shakshuka

Een heerlijke lunch of maaltijd die het hart verwarmt... Vegan Shakshuka: Een pittige tomaten-paprikasaus met aubergine, zwarte bonen en kokos yoghurt. De eerste Vegan Shakshuka…

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Vegan Hand Pies

Wonderlijke winterwarmte... Laat je verwonderen door deze vegan hand pies. Knapperig van buiten en een romige vulling van binnen. Deze vegan hand pies bezorgen je…

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Vegan Lasagne Bolognese

A simple, healthy and tasty classic! Vegan Lasagne Bolognese! You can go in all directions with lasagna. I love it when it's completely stuffed

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Winter fruit salad (Tutti Frutti)

Herfst sensatie in een pan! Twee jaar geleden tijdens onze huwelijksreis in het Lake District in het sprookjesachtige plaatsje Ambleside heb ik deze winterse fruitsalade…

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Vegan Pumpkin Lentil Pies!

Pumpkin Lentil Pies! Many of you have already seen me make these British-inspired pies in the Insta stories. On a wonderful autumnal day these...

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Dutch vegan sauerkraut mash

Vegan probiotics?! Probiotics are bacteria that have powerful health effects. They make the food more digestible, so that the intestines can absorb vitamins and minerals better...

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Vegan Saag ‘Paneer’

In love with spinach...Spinach is a super healthy vegetable. I put spinach in my breakfast smoothie but often I also use it in other dishes such as soups, salads or pasta...

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Stuffed Potato Cakes

These potato mushroom cakes are delicious! I think potato is the ultimate vegan comfort food and the healthy filling in these cakes also makes them extra healthy!

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Vegan Quinoa Salad

With this summer salad you will go fit through the summer! The protein content of quinoa is comparable to proteins in meat. But then without the...

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Creamy Vegan Pastasauce

When I am eating alone with Jane and I want to have something quick but healthy to eat on the table I often make this super easy creamy...

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Vegan Carrot Salad

The ideal salad when people come over for diner! I often make this vegan carrot salad when I have people coming over for diner...

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Vegan Lentil Meal Salad

I love to eat a big bowl of lentil meal salad in summer. Just, because I love a cold salad when it is hot outside but also because it is great for your health and body.

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Vegan Shell Pasta

Soy free...what's in it then? I was so happy when I discovered the 'Pulled Oats' from Gold & Green which I made...

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Vegan Meatloaf

The cousin of the Dutch meatball. A Meatloaf is a traditional German, Scandinavian and Belgian dish, and it is a cousin of the Dutch meatball...

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Vegan Focaccia

the smell of freshly baked bread. Baking a bread from scratch. I don't often do that because the breads in the stores these days are usually good. Unfortunately...

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Vegan Tzatziki

A few weeks ago I made this vegan tzatziki to go with the accept gyros that I made (check my Instagram for the picture)...

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Vegan Greek Salad

I have always loved the flavor of real feta cheese. I was so crazy about it that, on holiday in Greece, I gained 4 kg!

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Vegan Shawarma

This vegan shawarma is in no time ready to eat. Just make the sauce in advance (when you are still sober)....

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Vegan Risotto

Vegan risotto without to much stirring! How great is that! Considering I sometimes do not have 20 minutes to stir in a pan...

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Vegan Moussaka

I got my inspiration for this vegan moussaka from the British 'Hairy Bikers. Although these two cooking scooter boys...

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Indiase Vegan Korma Curry

Deze Indiase vegan korma curry is een van de fijnste en snelste spicy vegan comfort food recepten die ik ken. Eerder schreef ik al over…

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Vegan Nasi Herbs

The reason I share this recipe for vegan nasi herbs with you is because a lot of the ones you can buy in the supermarket are...

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Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's pie is a dish we particularly see in old (style) looking pubs in the UK. I think this pot pie is só comfort and looks so delish...

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Stuffed Pumpkin

Pumpkin squash is my favorite pumpkin. Sweet, nutty en creamy. The peel is also eatable so that saves me lots of clumsiness...

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Mushroom Ragout

I have been visiting the local vegetable shop De Goudreinet again to collect some wild mushrooms. I often think I have an old soul...

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Onion Chutney

Poppadum is a thin crispy Indian kind of 'cracker'. It is served as an accompaniment in India or it can be eaten as a snack...

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Vegan Beef Wellington

With this vegan beef Wellington you get a free history lesson. A national hero for defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, Arthur...

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