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Vegan honey

Paardenbloem, de wonderbloem... Wist je dat tijdens de hongerwinter in de Tweede Wereldoorlog de paardenbloem als voedsel werd aanbevolen? De bittere stoffen van de paardenbloem…

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Spicy vegan tuna salad

Vegan tonijnsalade in een pikant jasje Zoals jullie misschien weten heb ik 2 andere vegan tonijnsalade recepten op mijn blog staan: de vegan tonijnsalade en…

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Swedish Vegan Chokladbollar

Choklad bollar, een Zweedse traditie Ik had voordat ik naar Zweden ging nog nooit van Swedish Choklad bollar of Fika gehoord. Fika is een begrip…

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Vegan Ontbijt Smoothie

Vegan Power Breakfast! For me, the day does not start well without a big breakfast. A large vegan breakfast smoothie or a bowl of...

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Mango Tempeh Wrap

Prep once... eat healthy all week! Mealpreppen. Ik prep vaak mijn lunch, zoals deze mango tempeh wrap, voor een aantal dagen. Ik doe dit meestal…

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Tomato Tapenade

Homemade tomato tapenade is the best! I like a good homemade tapenade. When I have a drink somewhere, this is usually an option in...

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Avocado Tofu Tostie

Warm tofu and avocado a good match? I love these avocado tofu sandwiches! So easy to make, delicious and healthy! Full of proteins...

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Vegan Shakshuka

Een heerlijke lunch of maaltijd die het hart verwarmt... Vegan Shakshuka: Een pittige tomaten-paprikasaus met aubergine, zwarte bonen en kokos yoghurt. De eerste Vegan Shakshuka…

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Vegan Breakfast Wrap

Een Engelse Vegan ontbijt knaller... Vorige week was ik in Engeland. Zoals jullie misschien al weten ben ik een groot fan van bijna alles wat…

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How do you prefer to eat hummus? As you know, I make a large bowl of hummus every Sunday or Monday. It is my favorite...

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Vegan Chicken Wrap

Laat voor kinderen de sriracha uit de marinade! Een plantaardige proteïnebom... Zou je niet weten hoe jij aan je proteine moet komen als vegan? Probeer…

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Black Beans Hummus

Double protein hummus! In this recipe for black bean hummus I mix two legumes. Black beans and chickpeas. Legumes are packed with...

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Vegan Falafel Wraps

Makkelijke vegan falafel wraps... Deze wraps bevatten alles wat je nodig hebt: vezels, eiwitten, de juiste vetten en vitamientjes. Deze makkelijke vegan falafel wraps heb…

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Asparagus Hummus

De geneeskrachtige werking van asperges... Asperges hebben een sterk vochtafdrijvende werking. Ook activeren asperges de stofwisseling van eiwit, vet en koolhydraten in het lichaam doordat…

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Vegan Waffles

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside! These vegan waffles are incredibly tasty and quite healthy too! I use coconut blossom sugar in this...

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Vegan Pizza Sandwich

Vegan Pizza Sandwich! Sometimes I just crave for something that looks like a pizza with dripping melted cheese. Fortunately...

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Black Olives Hummus

Your own hummus in an instant... This black olive hummus is a real treat! The black olives make the hummus wonderfully salty. As a result,..

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Vegan Quinoa Salad

With this summer salad you will go fit through the summer! The protein content of quinoa is comparable to proteins in meat. But then without the...

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Vegan Carrot Salad

The ideal salad when people come over for diner! I often make this vegan carrot salad when I have people coming over for diner...

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Vegan Egg salad

I made this vegan egg salad last Easter. I wanted to make this salad again but I couldn't find the recipe on my blog!

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Vegan BLT Sandwich

After World War II, the sandwiches with bacon, lettuce and tomato became popular because these ingredients became more...

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Vegan Focaccia

the smell of freshly baked bread. Baking a bread from scratch. I don't often do that because the breads in the stores these days are usually good. Unfortunately...

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Vegan Tzatziki

A few weeks ago I made this vegan tzatziki to go with the accept gyros that I made (check my Instagram for the picture)...

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Vegan Greek Salad

I have always loved the flavor of real feta cheese. I was so crazy about it that, on holiday in Greece, I gained 4 kg!

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Vegan Tuna Salad

If we keep on going like we are doing now, fishing our oceans empty, we will have no fish swimming in the ocean anymore

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Spicy Tempeh Sandwich

Where can I eat this spicy Tempeh Sandwich? I created this Spicy Tempeh sandwich for a coffee bar in our village: Rijen...

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Vegan Party Rolls

Do you want to make vegan party rolls? Let your child be the center of attention on his birthday or on school with this peaceful delicacy....

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Vegan chicken wraps

Now my husband reached the age of 30 we decided to throw a party. Now anybody who has ever been to a party of mine...

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Vegan 'chickensalad'

Now I can't tell anybody what chicken tastes like because I don't eat meat since I was a little girl. But I made this salad and...

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Vegan pesto (buns)

Pesto. I have always loved it.I love the salty, cheesy flavor of pesto. Most of the time, they use Parmesan cheese to make pesto. There is an immense cruelty hidden behind...

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Scrambled Tofu

This recipe for vegan scrambled egg is spot on in this house. (Tofu is very high in protein). This one that I use is 13 grams protein/100 gram. It is very easy and...

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Pumpkin hummus

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the blustery days, the wooden smell of the trees on a rainy day and a big mug of Glühwein...

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