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Here I share 5 very nice and tasty vegan Easter brunch recipes with you!

All animals are someone. Someone with a life of his own. Behind those eyes is a story, the story of their life in their world as they experience it. Celebrate Easter with your family and let others do the same. Peace starts on your plate...

You don't have to make egg salad with chicken eggs at all! This vegan egg salad made from tofu and kala namak is really unrealistically delicious! Kala namak is sulfur salt and gives the scent and taste of eggs to this vegan egg salad. For sale online at Veggiedeli. Delicious during the vegan Easter brunch on a vegan rusk or baguette!

The use of chicken eggs is after all very animal unfriendly, bad for the environment and not very healthy for your body. I made a vlog about why we don't eat chicken eggs. Watch this vegan vlog below!

These British vegan jam tarts taste fantastic and are easy to make. Fill the dough trays with a slice of your favorite jam and eat them during a high tea, picnic, vegan Easter brunch or just in between with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

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Vegan Paas lekkernijen van Veggiedeli!

We find vegan quiche also called vegan savory pie very tasty to eat cold, especially the day after when all flavors are well absorbed. Of course you can always heat it up in the oven with foil over it! Super cozy on the vegan Easter table!

I have several quiche recipes on my blog for you!

  1. Vegan goat cheese quiche
  2. Mini zucchini quiches
  3. Vegan Quiche with bacon
  4. Vegan savory pies with broccoli and tofu
  5. Vegan chicken ragout pies

I make vegan sausage rolls almost every week. They are quick and easy to make and have been indispensable for us for 4 years during a day out or on the vegan Easter table! They also do very well at parties as a snack, then I just make them a bit smaller. I can tempt even the biggest meat eater with these vegan sausage rolls...

In the "Efteling" vlog below, I show you how to easily make vegan sausage rolls yourself!

These deliciously light vegan egg cakes without egg seriously taste like real egg cakes but without egg! By adding a pinch of kala namak to this recipe, just like with the vegan egg salad, they get the real egg cake smell and taste. The

next time I will also put currants in it..yummy!

Have a compassionate Easter!

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