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Ever since I was little I don't eat meat. It was self-evident to me to raise our daughter since birth with the idea that animals are our friends and not food. When Since I became vegan one year ago I did not want to bring animal products in the house anymore. So we became vegan as a family in our house. Thank heavens I receive full support of my husband in this.

Eat and drink vegan. How to do it?

At home, parties, on school etc..We have been told for years that you need dairy to get strong bones, eggs and meat for your protein and fish for your omega 3. In other words the use of animal products has been stimulated for years now by the advertising world, the government, word of mouth and so on. In our home we are crazy about Disney, but even in Disney movies Minnie Mouse bakes a cake with milk from the cow and eggs. How do you explain to your child that there is no need for this?

In this blog I am going to tell you about our experiences and about how we raise our daughter if we speak of dairy products .

When I started giving Jane vegetable milk (since she was 2) I explained to her why we do not use milk of the cow anymore: “Milk from the cow and milk from all the other animals on planet earth is for their own baby's and not for us. Because if we take the milk from the cow, the baby is not getting his milk from her/his mother and we think that is sad.” In easy language I think this is clear language because Jane now says all by herself: “milk from the cow is for the baby cow”.

We drink and use plantbased milk. I showed Jane pictures of different kinds of plants that they use to make milk and together we once in a while make our own almond milk or cashewnut milk in the blender.

Also, Jane loves it when mommy takes a hammer and a nail out of the barn to open a coconut (very professional indeed). This is a super cool way to show your kids where food comes from and that there is no need to take any from animals.

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5 tips to get your child to plant based milk:

  1. Make plantbased milk in a blender with your kids. With almonds for example. (Mix water in a blender with almond nuts and dates). Easy as pie!

  1. Buy a coconut together and make your kids enthusiastic about opening it. What do you think is in there?

  2. Go to your supermarket and buy different kinds of plantbased milk. Do a tasting contest in little (play) tea cups

  3. Make a breakfast smoothie together. Use plantbased milk, frozen fruits, bananas, nuts, spinach etc. Be amazed by the different kind of colors every addition makes!

  4. This is a step further: talk with your kids about the meat- and dairy industry. I often use this book: Vegan is love by Ruby Roth with short clear texts and beautiful drawings:

vegan, green comfort food, vegan kids, plantaardige melk kinderen, vegan boek

As vegans, we do not bring the pain and suffering of any animal into our happy, healthy bodies” ‘Ruby Roth’

vegan, green comfort food, vegan kids smoothie, vegan kids recipes

From cowmilk to plantbased milk

Most of the time Jane eats porridge for breakfast.
One morning I decided not to give her cowmilk anymore. I bought lots of plantbased milks in the supermarket hoping she would love one. I started with unsweetened soy milk..she looked at me like I was giving her water out of the drain. Not a big success that was. After that we tried the Alpro Soja Groeidrink vanaf 1 jaar. This milk is low in sugars and provides little ones with key nutrients needed for normal growth and development: calcium, vitamin D, protein and iodine for normal growth and iron for the brain. It was immediately a great success! Yes!

Before Jane goes to sleep she drinks some hot oatmilk (shake before use!) Oatmilk is already a bit sweet of itself. I love this in my coffee. We always have oatmilk in the house. When we ran out of Alpro Soy Jane also loves her porridge made with oatmilk. Now a days I even sometimes make a big pan of porridge with unsweetened soymilk in the weekends and she loves it!

Plantbased lunchtips for kids! (Dairy free!

  • Vegan Breadpudding. Make vegan breadpudding (Click here for the recipe. 3 ways!)
  • Avocado (let your kids sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on the avocado)

  • fresh (season) fruits

  • peanutbutter (most is vegan)

  • Dutch: De Ruyter anijshagel, dark chocolate flakes

  • slices of cucumber and paprika

  • Kips vegan filet americain or pathé

  • chicken free slices or smoky ham free slices (quorn)

  • vegan 'kokosbrood' from Theunisse (most of the time there is gelatin or honey in it)

  • hummus (make hummus together, Click here for the recipe for my pumpkin hummus)

  • 'So Vegan' Chocopasta

  • vegan cheese

  • appel syrup

  • Lotus Speculoospasta

  • jam

  • tosti peanutbutter & banana / tosti vegan cheese and ketchup

  • vegan sausage rolls (homemade)

  • gingerbread (most of them are vegan in The Netherlands)

When in doubt: google it, or in The Netherlands we have VeganWiki . This is kind of an vegan Wikipedia where you can see where so buy vegan products and find out if they are vegan!

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This MinikOiOi portionsplate fromGewoon Groener’ is super handy!


How about candy and icecream?

Jane learned from birth that 'there are animals' in most candy (gelatin = finely ground bones etc. from animals). She did always eat chocolate candy like smarties, m&m's etc). How do you explain to your child that it is not ok anymore to eat this and do we explain? The answer is: yes we do explain, but we let her make her own choices when she is out. Though I do not by it myself anymore. There are plenty of alternatives which she loves like Oreo cookies, marzipan, waterice or do ask your local ice cream shop if they have lactose intolerant icecream (ice without milk that is mostly based on water).

Because soy comes from a plant there are no saturated fats in this milk and no animal protein"

When I look back I should have given Jane plantbased milk much earlier. Shortly afterwards she started drinking plantbased milk the red spots that she sometimes had after eating of drinking cowmilk disappeared. Ad did her suddenly emerging diarrhea. Plantbased milk does not contain any lactose and no cholesterol.

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